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To prepare beautiful and delicious dishes need the right tools: to have a fully equipped work plan is an irreplaceable feature in a modern kitchen. In choosing on Newformsdesign, cutlery and accessories for cooking, they are proposed quality brands such as Tognana, Victorinox, Andrea Fontebasso Joseph and Joseph who offer innovative products with incomparable performances. Logs and accessories must be well coordinated with the rest of the home furnishings: a simple design and bright colors give a touch of sun and glamor even to the most daily operations.
Cutlery and accessories: 3 products
Stock Underselling 2022!
Knife Block WMF Classic Line 7 Pieces
Stock Underselling 2022!
Block Knives 6 Pieces WMF Classic Line
New Arrivals 2021
Victorinox knife block Rosewood 11 pieces
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