In order to use and live in the best way the kitchen we have to select items of furniture with style and taste, but at the same time practical and functional. In our site we have selected the best design products made by large companies and designers from around the world, but offered to you with the best value for money. Discover all our special deals on thousands of products for the kitchen, refined products, quality but at the same time practical and comfortable. Enriching the house with quality furnishings and accessories and designer making beautiful and useful every day, this is our wish in the offer of our offers. But at the same time these products are great gift ideas for everyone, girlfriends, wives, friends and relatives.
You will find, within our design offers for the cuisine, the products unique and attractive look, quality and beauty products, accessible to all!
On Newformsdesign we offer various types of products for the food on offer, from accessories to glasses, from bottles and thermos to the decanter, by post to the cups and cups of coffee, from teapots to sugar bowls, trays and placemats.
Kitchen: 396 products
Stock Underselling 2019!
Set 2 Pans Tognana Line Grancucina Althea
Made in Germany
Knife Block 8 Pieces Carl Mertens Metz Finn
New Arrivals 2020
Colander Semispheric Lagostina Academy 16 cm
Stock Underselling 2019!
CoffeePot Tognana Coffee Star Red
€ 24.00
€ 18.00
New Arrivals 2019
Bowl Set Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus
New Arrivals 2020
Set 3 Wmf Top Serve Containers
New Arrivals 2018
Chopping Board Chop2Pot Joseph Joseph Bamboo Large
Made in Germany
BBQ Brush Carl Mertens Rostzeug
From USA!
Tovolo Spatula Silicone Cupcakes
New Arrivals 2020
Steamer Naturalmente Mepra
€ 196.00
€ 156.00
News 2018
Wok Lagostina Rossella with lid 30 cm
New Arrivals 2020
Battery Mini Pots WMF 5 pieces
€ 120.00
€ 89.00
New Arrivals 2020
Strainer Lagostina Accademy 24 cm
€ 139.90
€ 109.90
New Arrivals 2020
Waterkettle WMF Stelio 1.7 Liter
New Arrivals 2020
New Chopping Boards Joseph Joseph set of 4 Silver
New Arrivals 2019
Bowl Set Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus
New Arrivals 2020
Lasagnera Lagostina Line Patrimonio
€ 214.50
€ 189.00
Made in Germany
Cleaver Carl Mertens Carl
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