The place where you pass more time, within your own home, is the kitchen, the place where the family likes to get together to sweet moments, everyday, full of love and positivity. But in the kitchen the highest concentration is offered by the table, the object at the base of the passions of love cooking.
Around a table you meet people, but also stories, tastes, colors and flavors are created with passion, thanks to useful and functional tools and accessories that make our lives if we are better but also more functional.
Choose from the wide range of accessories or design tools for your table that we propose, design objects created by high-value brand thanks to the design works by esteemed designers and famous in their field. unique design objects yet sophisticated look, as well as building materials.
Our range of opportunities for your table spaces between the various accessories to cans, from coffee pots to bowls, from knives to graters, from pans to cutting boards. From Newformsdesign find extensive collection of quality products for your passion.
Table: 956 products
News 2020
Bowl Trino Ichendorf 10 cm Red
New Arrivals 2020
Stand Glass Ichendorf Large
made in italy 100%
Beer Glass Made in Italy 590 cc
New Arrivals 2020
Teapot Ichendorf Greenwood
Glass Markers Vacu Vin Classic
€ 13.00
€ 8.00
New Arrivals 2021
Round Placemats Chilewich Bloom
New Arrivals 2020
Children's Tableware WMF Frozen set 6 pieces
made in italy 100%
Charger Plate Glasses Ichendorf Frosted Peach
New Arrivals 2021
Dinner Set 66 pieces Vista Alegre Collection Fiji
New Arrivals 2020
WMF Corkscrew
€ 30.00
New Arrivals 2020
Set Salt and Pepper WMF Ceramill Nature
€ 24.00
(price each. - 2 pcs per pack)
€ 60.00
New Arrivals 2020
Small Bowl Ichendorf Coral
New Arrivals 2020
Cutlery Set 3 Pieces Winnie The Pooh Mini
New Arrivals 2021
Cruet jar Ichendorf Travasi Clear Pink
New Arrivals 2021
Champagne Cooler Nude Glass Glacier
New Arrivals 2020
Spice Mills WMF Salt De Luxe H 14 Cm
News 2019
Set 4 Placemats Andrea Fontebasso Riad Green
€ 2.50
(price each. - 4 pcs per pack)
New Arrivals 2020
Ichendorf Glass Small Stand
New Arrivals 2020
Teapot Ichendorf Collection Piuma High Pink
Best Seller!
Palio Carl Mertens
€ 119.00
Made in France
Glass Markers Vacu Vin Party People
made in italy 100%
Charger Plate Glasses Ichendorf Transparent Orange
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