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Backpacks and Bags

In the heart of Switzerland, in Ibach in the canton of Schwyz. In addition to its famous pocket multitools, the "Swiss Army Knives", appreciated all over the world, Victorinox produces cutlery, precision watches, quality suitcases and perfumes with Swiss notes.
All Victorinox products have one thing in common: they reflect the philosophy and solid values of the company as well as being guaranteed for life. They combine impeccable quality, high reliability and unconditional functionality. Behind an iconic design hides an absolute perfection and a profound refinement, which underline the Victorinox taste for innovation. Victorinox Backpacks can be a faithful companion in daily life, always there when adventure calls: from the Arctic caps of the North Pole to the top of Mount Everest, from the Amazon rainforests, to leisure and sport travel.