Cooking requires imagination, so why not turn the time of preparing meals in a colorful and fun time? A wide assortment of colanders and strainers waiting for you in the Newformsdesign section! Colored melanin resistant to heat and prolonged use the colander proposed are perfect for the preparation of pasta, rice and many other dishes. The many models available meet all requirements of use: colander, colanders, big, small, or with saucers to collect the water and avoid spills on the kitchen floor and serve directly at the table fruit or whatever. Even the shapes shooting subjects from a wide variety: fruits and vegetables, or cute little animals!
Colanders: 3 products
New Arrivals 2020
Colander Semispheric Lagostina Academy 16 cm
New Arrivals 2020
Strainer Lagostina Accademy 24 cm
€ 139.90
€ 109.90
Stock Underselling 2020!
Tovolo mini colander 80-50015R red
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