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Inspired by the values of practicality and quality materials, the individual plates and dinner services available on Newformsdesign bring to the table the right bit of fun and elegance. Where even the smallest details, the plates and dishes available on e-commerce services are known for their unique and inimitable style. Supplies quality table offer the guarantee of durable and safe products, ceramic or porcelain for the table to present the best of their capacities. Elegant and refined decors, the various sets of dishes differ in their style and fine workmanship in bone china. Many brands offer on our pages the latest news as they Tognana, L´Abitare, Villoroy Boch, Richard Ginori, Rosenthal and many more.

Plates and dinner services: 160 products
New Arrivals 2021
Dinner Set 66 pieces Vista Alegre Collection Fiji
made in portugal 100%
Dishes service 70 pieces Vista Alegre Collection Transatlantica
New Arrivals 2020
Dinner Set 68 pieces Vista Alegre Emerald
Dinner Set 70 pieces Vista Alegre Collection Anna
New Arrivals 2020
Dinnerware 70 pieces Vista Alegre Collection Arigato
New Arrivals 2020
Dinnerware Polo Andrea Fontebasso Collection Decor Cancun
Below Cost!
Service Plates Andrea Fontebasso New Age Tiffany Green
last one!
Service Plates 19 pieces Andrea Fontebasso Collection Sfera Piper
Plates Tognana 18 pieces Metropolis Graphic
€ 99.50
€ 65.00
(Tax free)
Service Plates 18 pieces Tognana Style Drops
€ 105.01
€ 59.00
(Tax free)
New Arrivals 2020
Tableware 19 Pieces Tognana Metropolis Platinum Wire
until exhaustion
Tableware 12 pieces L'Abitare Lucca platinum rim
until exhaustion
Tableware 12 pieces L'Abitare Lucca
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