The art of cooking and the accessories to be used have evolved. The silicone kitchen accessories are one of the innovations that appeared for those dedicated to cooking, duty or for pleasure. With their bright colors and their versatility brighten the kitchen and cook, and many properties of the material allow you to work in a more relaxed and get better results. Silicone is non-toxic, non-stick, flexible, resistant to very low and very high temperatures and is dishwasher safe; all these features make the accessories kitchen silicone have an excellent performance and durability.
Silicone: 46 products
From USA!
Tovolo Spatula Silicone Cupcakes
last one!
Tovolo Spatula Silicone HoneyComb
last one!
Tovolo Spatula Silicone set 2 MiniCupcakes
poche silicone 100%
Mastrad F38220 Set Poche Pastry bag set berry
Mastrad Egg shaper set of 4
€ 18.00
€ 15.00
Super Popcorn
€ 24.00
Tovolo silicone yolk out
€ 17.00
€ 8.50
news 2016
tovolo baking mat 13.5
€ 17.50
€ 14.00
news 2016
tovolo baking mat 16.5 x 11.5
€ 17.50
€ 14.00
Tovolo pastry mat silicone
€ 30.00
€ 20.00
news 2016
Tovolo set 3 silicone red tools
€ 6.00
(price each - 3 pcs per pack)
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