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Luxury gifts :
Newformsdesign selected product to surprise anyone with an unexpected gift, luxurious and elegant.
unique and alternative products to be always the most glamorous and fashionable in the company!
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Luxury gifts: 22 products
News 2019
Montre Molle by Salvador Dali limited edition
news 2016
LSA International Maxa Flute giant H 110 cm
LSA Maxa Giant Cocktail Glass
€ 135.00
€ 120.00
LSA Tower Glasses Champagne G1148-08-301
last one
LSA International Flask Decanter 0.75 L
Set Polenta
Lagostina Set Polenta soup 24 cm
€ 189.50
€ 179.00
Memphis Milano Vase collection Nilo
€ 770.00
Stock Underselling 2019!
LSA International Ivalo Dome 32 cm clear with ash base Collection Serve
sold out
LSA Collection Serve Trio Dish L 30 cm W 11 cm
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