multipurpose bowls

The versatility  multipurpose bowls choise for you from Newformsdesign,are revealed products useful for the preparation of the dishes and practical for the table. Attractive and evergreen design, these items are made from the finest materials to ensure maximum hygiene for food contact, all BPA Free. A bowl for every occasion indispensable in the kitchen and pleasant supplied together with the board, the multi-purpose bowls are the perfect container for snacks and sauces. Whether it´s a casual snack of a homemade aperitif or a sushi dinner with these bowls conviviality it is the undisputed star.
Multipurpose bowls: 26 products
News 2018
Set 2 Bowls Series Concerto Boogie
€ 4.50
(price each - 2 pcs per pack)
€ 12.00
€ 9.00
Stock Underselling 2019!
LSA International Ivalo Dome 32 cm clear with ash base Collection Serve
half Price!
Serax Set 3 Bowls Multiuse collection feeling
New Arrivals 2020
Carl Mertens set bowls Liaison
Serax Set 3 mini cocotte diameter 8 cm H 4 cm
(3 pcs per pack)
€ 24.00
€ 19.20
€ 19.20
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