Coffeepots and Kettles

Coffeepots for aluminum or steel for induction hobs.
Newformsdesign offers a customizable selection of coffee products. Italian coffee pots and kettles as Bialetti and Tognana, from espresso cups to the 12, we can meet every need. Performing favors with colorful coffee or aluminum, also ideal as corporate gifts. The collaboration with leading brands in the ceramics and Italian coffee roasting Griso from Seveso, allow the creation of gifts and products designed specifically for surprising your customer. Making estimates for personalized gifts
Coffeepots and Kettles: 8 products
Stock Underselling 2019!
CoffeePot Tognana Coffee Star Red
€ 24.00
€ 18.00
New Arrivals 2020
Waterkettle WMF Stelio 1.7 Liter
New Arrivals 2020
WaterKettle WMF Stelio 1.2 Liter
new arrivals
Bialetti Moka induction 3 cups gold
fast delivery
Bialetti Moka induction three cups anthracite
Bialetti moka express 3 cups
€ 25.00
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