The furniture of a house is for all of us an unequivocal sign of our soul, of our style. Through Décor send our taste, physically we represent our way of thinking and living.
Filling the space with various useful and functional design objects we can give full meaning to an empty box that without them would be anonymous, and for that through this art we express personal concepts of furniture, thanks to the use in the furnishings of unique products, from attractive look and quality materials.
Furnishing there are several solutions to fill our spaces and we Newformsdesign offer in our catalogue products, an assortment that ranges from accessories to bathrooms, from kitchens to sofas, from beds to bookcases, from chairs to stools and tables.
Furnishing: 609 products
Memory 4 Layers
Memory Supreme Mattress
€ 819.00
€ 519.00
King Size Bed Florence with Box
€ 3400.00
€ 1990.00
made in italy 100%
Kartell Componibili Green 2 doors
Magazine Rack Kartell Front Page Red
€ 174.00
€ 160.00
made in italy 100%
Cabinet Container T-Line matt lacquer with wood thicknesses
100% Made in Italy
Sofa bed Milan
€ 1792.00
€ 985.00
Design made in italy
Padded bed Round Rondo smooth warhead
€ 2900.00
€ 1990.00
made in italy 100%
Mattress Round Rond˛
€ 1800.00
€ 1200.00
made in italy 100%
Kartell Comback Swivel Chair oranged red black
made in italy 100%
Kartell Componibili Green 2 doors
Best Seller!
Kartell cart flip black covering
made in italy 100%
Square Pouf Confort Line Asterix
€ 270.00
€ 220.00
made in italy 100%
Opinion Ciatti PTolomeo Art bookcase White and inox
scandinavian style
Design House Stockholm Desk Arco Oak
Excellent product
Mobilform wooden bed Ascot
Last set!
Domitalia Foryou chair stackable
€ 89.00
(price each. - 4 pcs per pack)
€ 429.60
€ 356.00
Design made in italy
Living library Join In matt and natural wood
New Arrivals 2019
Wine Bar Wine Cooler 40 Bottles Double Temperature
made in italy 100%
Classic Sofa Arcangelo
made in italy 100%
Pillow Goose Feather Made in Italy
made in italy 100%
Forty library system
100% Made in Italy
Modern Sofa Abaco
New Arrivals 2019
Mirror Kartell Only Me 8330 Gloss Black
made in italy 100%
Bathroom model Hawaii
New Arrivals 2018
Cot Leander Linea White
made in italy 100%
Stool Fimar container TIN
Design made in italy
Hula & Hoop shelves and hangers
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