Gifts for the table

Newformsdesign offers umīampia range of products or gifts for the table, the more fancy the most elegant surprised with a well-made gift the person you love, or a boss who has everything, or the precise friend who always knows where to find a product ! Come on Newformsdesign!
Gifts for the table: 5 products
New Arrivals 2020
Appetizer Plate 3 Pieces Andrea Fontebasso Mixme Bistro
last set!
LSA International Collection Bar set 4 Lager beer glasses
€ 12.25
(price each - 4 pcs per pack)
€ 84.00
€ 42.00
New Arrivals 2022
Pitcher Ichendorf Tube without handle
Stock Underselling 2022!
LSA International Jug Moya 0.75 L
€ 75.00
€ 37.50
Glass Liqueur Moya LSA 50 ml
€ 50.00
€ 25.00
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