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Doormats welcome your guests and help keep the floors and carpets in your home cleaner. In our assortment you will find many models with non-slip backs and others that are also suitable for outdoor environments.
Newformsdesign has chosen CHILEWICH from among all the international brands.
Chilewich doormats are the most resistant you can put on your doorstep.
Practical, colorful and durable, these specific outdoor rugs resist bad weather and the sun, without any chromatic and qualitative alterations.
The bottom is made of thick rubber. Chilewich doormats are available in 5 sizes and countless colors.
Chilewich products are made of textile vinyl, produced without the use of petroleum-based plasticizers, generally used to make PVC softer. Chilewich instead uses plant compounds, largely renewable. Each Chilewich product contains MicroBan®, an antimicrobial substance that works throughout the life of the product, and is free of phthalates.
Chilewich products are manufactured in TerraStrand®, the proprietary name of the Chilewich material, and are 100% phthalate-free. TerraStrand® contains 25% renewable plant content and is used for over 90% of woven products.