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Refrigerator Maturing Meat

The maturation of the meat, also called dry aging with an expression borrowed from the English, is a necessary process that makes the meat more tender and tastier. Let´s talk about "necessary procedure" because   after killing and slaughtering the meat is not immediately edible. The muscles are tight and tight. In order for the meat to be eaten it is necessary to allow time to pass during which the meat becomes suitable for consumption.
During this time the meat undergoes maturation: the acidity and the action of the enzymes of the microorganisms act on the proteins, denaturing them and determine an increase in softness, juiciness and flavor.
Factors such as breed, age, size of animal and type of feeding contribute to establishing the timing necessary to make a meat ready for consumption.Newformsdesign choose Dry Ager, the best in the world thanks also to the master chef Gordon Ramsey.