Tajine, pots and other Terracotta

Newformsdesign offers all Emile Henry cookware products. Sa in the oven on the stove and even now on induction hobs, Emile Henry offers the advantages of cooking in clay. Bread Pots from the classic cocotte passing through the trays of pie or lasagna until you get to the traditional Moroccan Tajine that enhances the baking of clay steam. The bread surprise for crunchiness and softness to your guest without forgetting the very useful pizzastone to cook a pizza like in a real wood-fired oven!
Tajine, pots and other Terracotta: 11 products
Stock Underselling 2022!
Crow Bread Baker Emile Henry EH505505 Lin Opaque
Stock Underselling 2022!
New Smooth Pizza Stone Emile Henry EH797514 Fusain
Stock Underselling 2022!
Bread Loaf Baker Emile Henry EH505504 Lin
New Arrivals 2021
Ovenware Ultime Emile Henry Grand Cru 28 cm x 24 cm
Made in France
Cloche Emile Henry EH799508 Bread Cloche Fusain
New Arrivals 2022
Round Bread Baker Emile Henry EH345507 Grand Cru
Renforced Packaging
Emile Henry EH349526 Tajine Red Grand Cru 27 cm
Made in France
Tajine Delight Emile Henry EH779566 Slate 33.5 cm 4 Liters
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