Beds sofas

The range of Newformsdesign sofa is made to give sessions and comfort both as sofas and as beds, as well as to be able to do an even daily use.
The sofa beds have a bearing structure with electro Lampolet network with one motion opening, without having to remove the seats, two mattress choices, H.16 cm springs or in memory H.14 cm.
Available on request also network with electric opening.
The sofa can be realized both in fabric upholstery, leather or imitation leather.
The sofa bed can be combined with container peninsula and you have the possibility of having the backrest with portaguanciali.
Upon request both the sofa that the mesh can be custom made.
Beds sofas: 9 products
100% Made in Italy
Sofa bed Milan
€ 1792.00
€ 985.00
New Arrivals 2019
Bunk Bed Sofa Confort Line Duplex
€ 1590.00
€ 1300.00
New Arrivals 2017
Convertible Armchair Confort Line Kris
made in italy 100%
Transformable Sofa Bed Confort Line 3 seats maxi Giove
100% Made in Italy
Sofa bed Marika
€ 2550.00
€ 1400.00
Quality product
Sofa bed Clivia
made in italy 100%
Sofa bed Chicago
€ 2168.00
€ 1192.00
Quality product
Sofa bed Lugano
€ 3090.00
€ 1545.00
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