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Why Newformsdesign

NEWFORMSDESIGN, Your window to the world of furniture and design.

The company was founded in 2013 by the idea of members to update a sector, architecture and interior design (living room, bathrooms, kitchens modern and classic, wardrobes, beds and accessories).

We find new ways to develop shops, bars and restaurants, stores, offices, hotels until the development of lofts, villas, outdoor spaces and gardens.

Through freedom inventive  and ability of its employees to create an atmosphere and not to impose an idea; always looking for "newformsdesign", connecting all aspects of furnishings in the same environment like the design objects.

Always looking for a window on the world of today, as the name suggests the company, looking for new forms of design combining every aspect in the context of the same furniture without neglecting those little details like the objects in a house currently evolving situation can no longer be overlooked

Leveraging the capabilities that the technology of the web has given us, allowing us to be cutting edge and up to date on everything new design from around the world, keeping as the venue and landmark places of birth and development of design, Meda, the Brianza, home of the tradition and culture of Made in Italy and the International Design for over a century

Remaining fascinated by every culture and diversity that life and the world we give and they deserve to be studied in depth and, at the service of our customers to satisfy every desire and expectation.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ..."

Try to discover us day after day and you tear off a lot of satisfaction in the warmth of your home ...

The staff of Newformsdesign ...