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design elegance always and only on Newformsdesign.
Trays with a decisive, innovative design, able to give a touch of sophistication to any table. Made of different materials have different forms but always rational. A perfect dialogue between aesthetic value and excellent complements these essential capabilities.
high comfort
All proposed trays provide great convenience. Are realized with easily cleanable surfaces, both in the case are removable as regards both the fixed ones. The rationality of the forms prevents the fall of the transported objects and can also use the trays as elegant and original fruit bowl or cheeses trays from the original look and much sought after.
Additionally you can enrich your table with precious centerpiece, some collectible as the precious Vista Alegre porcelain.
Trays and riser: 28 products
News 2022
Bridge Tray Design House Stockholm
New Arrivals 2021
Tray Bollo Ichendorf Clear
New Arrivals 2020
Stand Glass Ichendorf Large
New Arrivals 2021
Ichendorf Glass Small Stand
New Arrivals 2021
Stand Glass Ichendorf
New Arrivals 2020
Carl Mertens bowl Liev
New Arrivals 2022
Oval Tray Charger Plate 35 cm x 26 cm
last pieces!
Zak Designs 2171-0010 Medium Pink Tray 43 cm x 29 cm
last pieces!
Zak Designs 0078-0024 red tray 33 cm x 26 cm
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