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All the tasting glasses in the world are available on Newformsdesign
On to enjoy the best of web liqueur, brandy, champagne, whiskey, beer and fine wine any Italian or French or any of the world vineyard. The culture of drinking on your table should be tasted on with class
Tasting glasses: 129 products
New Arrivals 2022
Ichendorf Manhattan Collection Goblet Wine
New Arrivals 2021
Large Crystal Goblet Ichendorf Nantes
New Arrivals 2021
Wine Goblet Crystal Ichendorf Nantes
New Arrivals 2021
Martini Cup Bond Lumian Copper 23 cl
New Arrivals 2021
Champagne Cup Artemide Lumian Copper 23 cl
Lead-free crystal
Crystal White Wine Glass Nude Glass Mirage Collection
New Arrivals 2021
PineApple Cup Lumian with Straw
New Arrivals 2021
Tumbler Old Fashion Vista Alegre Casino Royale
New Arrivals 2021
Set 2 Glasses Nude Glass Cocktail Margarita Vintage
€ 10.50
(price each - 2 pcs per pack)
design Awards
Set 2 Cocktail Glasses Nude Collection Vintage Martini Classic
€ 10.00
(price each - 2 pcs per pack)
last pieces!
Stemglass Ichendorf Red Wines Cantina
made in italy 100%
Champagne Cup Ichendorf Arles Rubino
New Arrivals 2022
Flute Ichendorf Gio Blu
€ 24.00
€ 9.00
New Arrivals 2020
Water Goblet Ichendorf Amalfi
New Arrivals 2020
Goblet Wine Ichendorf Amalfi
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