Besana Moquette
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For over forty years, through research and innovation, we have been making textile products from high quality raw materials and respecting the environment.
The goal has always been to develop an innovative carpet concept capable of satisfying every request, also thanks to the design of an online configurator, specially designed to give anyone the opportunity to customize fine carpets.
Besana collaborates with designers from all over the world to create projects with a particular aesthetic without losing the functionality of this textile covering.
The vast archive of color combinations and artisanal savoir-faire, combined with cutting-edge workmanship and careful listening to the customer's needs, allow our team to create high quality tailor-made products.
Thanks to the different production techniques, refined over the years, we are able to perform any type of work: from the precious and articulated artisan process, which involves hand-made inlays, to the more dynamic digital printing process, which allows to obtain a degree of detail highly defined useful for complex representations such as shades or minute drawings.
Thanks to the long experience in cuts and in the processing of inlays by hand and a dyeing process (in yarn or in the piece) we guarantee the possibility of obtaining original and unique textile coverings, always paying close attention to the final design, the texture used and the space. of posing.
Alongside traditional production techniques we have combined digital printing: a linear process that requires careful work of color combination.
Depending on the type of result you want to obtain, it is possible to draw on our color banks - choosing from six, twelve or eighteen available colors -, selecting the shades that are closest to the original or, alternatively, use the photographic technique or photorealistic.
Whether it is a project for an articulated and precious home environment, or a contract project that requires large quantities, our textile coverings ensure excellent performance at any scale.

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