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Every cook and every housewife knows that some kitchen accessories are needed to cook properly. perforated spatulas, large spoons, shovels, forks and tongs (but also cutting boards, spice grinders, peelers) can not miss among kitchen accessories. To have everything available, they also make it useful salt and pepper shakers, tea oil holder and salt and jars of different shapes and sizes to contain pasta, cereals or spices. Newformsdesign offers among kitchen accessories useful and practical, not finally forget your oven mitts and potholders to prevent burns and aprons to protect clothes from the sketches.
Kitchen accessories: 45 products
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F92656 Magnetic spice jars by Mastrad
Standing baster purple by Mastrad
€ 16.00
€ 11.20
Standing baster red by Mastrad
€ 16.00
€ 11.20
Mastrad Onion mask
€ 24.00
€ 12.00
last one!
Green silicone spoon by Mastrad
last one!
Red silicone spoon by Mastrad
sold out
Silicone spatula red by Mastrad
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