On Newformsdesign find The series Classic Premium, the Gourmet series, the Professional, the Specialty series and Easy Prep series, constitute the tool online from Microplane kitchen.
With a grater Microplane® affect citrus peel, grate and slice becomes easy, effective and really fun.
Must for chefs and cooking enthusiasts, graters are comfortable professional tools, practical, made even more trendy ergonomic design. Easy to use and compact, the graters are stainless steel and reistente plastic and allow to shred different types of food and to obtain a very fine mince!
Graters: 27 products
news 2016
Microplane 39904 Rotary Grater
Sold out
Microplane Grater 45704 Gourmet fine  green
made in USA
Microplane 48914 Garlic Grater
Microplane Grater Elite fine black
€ 24.95
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