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Newformsdesign selects Small kitchen appliances precious allies.
A dinner to be organized quickly? Desire to impress diners with dishes prepared with care? Small appliances are revealed precious and indispensable allies in the kitchen to prepare something delicious. Notice convenience for a result to be gourmet. Simple to use and easy to handle, these practical appliances allow to cook very quickly. When it comes to blending, chopping, to work any type of ingredient, cook and store food, thanks to a small electrical appliance has secured a pleasing result to the eye and delicious to the palate!
Small appliances: 13 products
New Arrivals 2020
Electric Miixer WMF Kult X
New Arrivals 2020
Bread Maker WMF Kult X
New Arrivals 2020
Fondue and Bourguignon Maker Wmf Lono
New Arrivals 2020
WMF LONO raclette grill
New Arrivals 2020
WMF LINEO stick blender set 4 in 1
New Arrivals 2020
WMF KITCHENminis Vitalis E Steamer
€ 150.00
€ 120.00
out of production
Juicer WMF Kult Pro Power
New Arrivals 2020
Juicer WMF Stelio
€ 65.00
Delivery Now
Magimix the Dice and French-Fry Kit
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