Bread Month

Bread Month: 16 products
News 2018
Bread Loaf Baker Emile Henry EH505504 Lin
News 2018
Crow Bread Baker Emile Henry EH505505 Lin Opaque
Sold Out
Baugette Baker Emile Henry EH505506 Lin Opaque
News 2018
Cook Bread Lin Emile Henry EH509108
Sold Out
Large Bread Loaf Baker Emile Henry EH505503 Lin
New Arrivals 2020
Bread Maker WMF Kult X
New Arrivals 2020
Toaster WMF Kitchenminis
€ 75.00
€ 59.00
New Arrivals 2017
Bread Basket Andrea Fontebasso Babylon Steel
New Arrivals 2019
Rectangular Bread Basket by NFD Horeca 23 cm x 15 cm
Tovolo bagel Knife green
€ 15.00
€ 7.50
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