Anna Castelli Ferrieri
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Anna Ferrieri was born in Milan on August 6, 1920. His father Enzo, intellectual, publisher and founder of the review conference, had created a cultural circle, attended by figures such as Luigi Pirandello, Umberto Saba and Eugenio Montale

Stimulated by the vanguards of the Bauhaus, in 1938 he began to study architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, during these years will be a student of Franco Albini from which will learn the rationalistic approach. Working in his studio in contact with architects such as Piero Bottoni and Ernesto Nathan Rogers, engaged in the reconstruction of Milan.

She graduated in 1943, he left Milan during the German occupation alongside her husband Giulio Castelli, with whom grow two sons. Returned, in 1946 he founded his own studio, he becomes chief editor of the architecture magazine, Casabella Construction and correspondent of the newspaper Italian English Architectural Design.

He died June 22, 2006.

Gold Medal at the VIII Milan Triennial (1947)
Bundespreis Gute Form for modular units 4970/84 (1973)
Golden Compass for the 4870 chair of Kartell (1987) and cutlery Sambonet Hannah (1994)
Kölner Klopfer of the Köln International School of Design (1999)

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made in italy 100%
Kartell Componibili Green 2 doors
made in italy 100%
Kartell Componibili White 3 doors
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