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Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use WMF, Silit and Kaiser products to prepare food, cook, bake, eat and drink in the comfort of their own home. And when they are not doing that, they are enjoying coffee specialities and dishes prepared in hotels and restaurants using products made by WMF (coffee machines, hotel), Schaerer and Hepp.

Our employees are passionate about bringing people together, whether at home, on the move or at high-end restaurants, in order to give them shared moments that are both precious and tasty. This is all possible thanks to our products, whose exceptional design, perfect functionality and highest quality provide wonderful culinary experiences.

Our company has a proud tradition, and was founded in Geislingen an der Steige in Germany back in 1853. Almost 6000 employees provide culinary joy at more than 40 locations worldwide.

WMF: 43 products
Christmas 2018
Spice Mills WMF Salt De Luxe H 14 Cm
last one!
Pressure cooker WMF Perfect set 2 pieces
Offer Shock 2018!
Set WMF knives Spitzenklasse Plus 3 pieces
New Arrivals 2019
Block Knives 6 Pieces WMF Chefīs Edition
New Arrivals 2019
Battery Mini Pots WMF 5 pieces
€ 119.00
€ 99.00
New Arrivals 2018
Mini Set Salt and Pepper Bel Gusto WMF
New Arrivals 2019
Toaster WMF Kitchenminis
News 2018
Scales Kitchen WMF black
€ 40.00
€ 30.00
Offer Shock!
Pastaiola Wmf pot set with glass lid
Christmas 2018
Electric Grinder WMF
€ 63.00
€ 47.90
New Arrivals 2018
Forks set WMF Dolce Nuova 6 pieces
New Arrivals 2018
WMF Set bar Matrjoschka
New Arrivals 2018
Cutlery Set WMF Dolce Nuova 13 pieces
New Arrivals 2018
Steak Knives Nuova WMF 6 pieces
Sold Out
Set cookware WMF Premium One 11 pieces
(11 pieces for pack)
€ 742.00
Sold Out
Table Grill WMF LONO
New Arrivals 2018
Set Flatware WMF Atria Cromargan 24 pieces
New Arrivals 2017
Waterkettle WMF Stelio 1.7 Liter
€ 69.90
New Arrivals 2019
Flatware Place Table WMF Nuova
€ 13.00
New Arrivals 2018
Set 4 bowls WMF in stainless steel Cromargan
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