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We shape your emotions.
Passion for the art of pastry is our DNA.
Innovation is our way of thinking about the world.
Made in Italy is our creed.
Being a big family is our strength.
For more than 20 years.
We design avant-garde shapes for the pastry that we want to push towards
new frontiers.
We explore new territories, we push the limits of what is achievable to create new ones
forms of taste.
We are alongside the pioneers of this art. We transform the creative genius of
the greatest contemporary pastry chefs in extraordinary works of art and
Italian design and Italian production: a unique combination, quality guarantee and
excellence all over the world.
A passionate team of people to inspire your creativity and shape it

Silikomart: 2 products
made in italy 100%
Silicone Mold Silikomart Amorini
€ 18.85
(Vat Excluded)
made in italy 100%
Silicone Mold Silikomart Rose
€ 14.15
(Vat Excluded)
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