Luigi Bormioli
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THE ULTIMATE IN EXPERIENCE AND RELIABILITY Bormioli Luigi numbers over 1,000 employees and produces 250 million pieces per year on twenty moulding machines under five furnaces located in two facilities: Parma and Abbiategrasso, near Milan. In recent years, the decision to enhance our products by employing innovative decorating techniques has paved the way to new solutions to the marketīs growing demand for original creations. Manufacturing capabilities and technological excellence allow us to cope with both enormous volumes and specific needs for smaller lots. Sensory efficiency and emotional profile of all stemglasses tested by "Centro Studi Assaggiatori” using the Advanced Big Sensory Test ® and the Analogic-Affective Big Sensory Test ®. Centro Studi Assaggiatori is the research unit on the most advanced and complete sensory assessment in Italy. Founded in 1990, each year the Centro Studi Assaggiatori carries out thousands of tests on consumers in order to assess the perceived quality of products and services. Nowadays, it owns one of the biggest archives in Italy which reflects the changes in tastes and trends. Centro Studi Assaggiatori cooperates with many Italian and foreign Universities in research studies. Centro Studi Assaggiatori thanks to its courses in sensory analysis have provided basic knowledge to a large number of sensory experts and have trained hundreds judges and panel leaders for companies and organizations. Furthermore, Centro Studi Assaggiatori is the publisher of L’Assaggio, the only Italian magazine dedicated to sensory analysis and of a series of books on this subject. ACCADEMIA LUIGI BORMIOLI (usare il logo specifico) has worked closely with Centro Studi Assaggiatori on sensory tests on stemglasses for wine tasting and distillates. Exceptional surface hardness: Anti-Scratch Protects liquid contained from damaging UV rays Suitable for food contact Dishwasher safe over 2000 industrial washing cycles

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