Emile Henry
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Passionate ceramists since 1850, we create high quality products designed to obtain the best culinary results and guaranteed 10 years. Our savoir-faire is handed down from generation to generation and our values continue over time through our products and the way in which they are designed. Even though the production has always been in the same workshops in Burgundy (France) for more than 160 years, innovation has always been part of our driving force, for the products and for the manufacturing process.

Emile Henry: 12 products
New Arrivals 2021
Crow Bread Baker Emile Henry EH505505 Lin Opaque
Stock Underselling 2020!
New Smooth Pizza Stone Emile Henry EH797514 Fusain
New Arrivals 2020
Bread Loaf Baker Emile Henry EH505504 Lin
New Arrivals 2021
Ovenware Ultime Emile Henry Grand Cru 28 cm x 24 cm
Made in France
Cloche Emile Henry EH799508 Bread Cloche Fusain
New Arrivals 2020
Round Bread Baker Emile Henry EH349507 Grand Cru
New Arrivals 2020
Round Bread Baker Emile Henry EH799507 Fusain
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