Ceramica Pinto
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The ceramics of Vietri, Italian majolica, a high quality craftsmanship product. If it realized in Vietri sul Mare, at the beginning of the Amalfi Coast, an extra guarantee. Thatīs what I like Ceramica Pinto we offer our customers in the 400 square meters of exhibition, in the heart of the historic center. It is what we produce on the lower level, in the 1000 square meters for processing, always in the center of Vietri sul Mare: tiles, tile, tiles, but also small production of ceramic tableware and furniture. limited space, limited quantities, but all clearly visible to those with more curiosity, wants to make even a simple visit and find out how it is made from a real tiled in Vietri sul Mare. In Vietri sul Mare there is no family that does not boast a more or less direct lineage with one or more "faience" operating in past centuries. CERAMICS PINTO is an ULTRACENTENARY ENTERPRISE OF REGION CAMPANIA (L.R. N.11 / 2014)

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