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Membership. A word chosen to tell a work, a journey, a feeling, a confirmation. Starting from the laboratory, which becomes witness of living and reconfirmed values: Italianness, care, executive excellence, craftsmanship, design and non-relocation. The wood immediately entered the heart and hardly born, we already had solid roots, strong convictions and deep. This natural attachment has us immediately distinguished. In the wood we have, from time to time, I re-read the traces of our past to make them become thoughts, plans and new ones imaginary. In the movement of a whole century
architecture, fashion, costume, design, art and lifestyle have quickly changed, almost overwhelming us. Billiani has constantly enriched its offer, triggering virtuous relationships with designers, seeking the balance between competence and imagination. With the desire to produce beautiful chairs, yes, those to make comfortable dreams and to meet new ways of living spaces.

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