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The porcelain of tomorrow - since 1881.
Knowing tomorrow’s needs today - this has been a hallmark of our company since its inception in 1881.It was then that the brothers August and Conrad Bauscher decided to only make chinaware for hotels and the catering trade, and nothing else. This move, unprecedented  in the industry, was as significant as it was farsighted.
They met the stringent demands of the catering trade with equally high standards for their products: Their professional porcelain should be robust, functional, resilient, and beautiful. A standard that to this day is met by every dish made by the company, and which has made Bauscher chinaware become the most frequently used professional chinaware in the world.
What drives us?
A passion for innovation and the determination to constantly make something good even better.
At Bauscher, permanence does not mean complacency - quite the opposite. Remaining true to oneself is a big part of any sustained success.
What makes us unique.
Anyone who wishes to only produce the best, also requires the best employees. Only experienced porcelain specialists produce Bauscher’s premium products in Europe’s most modern facility. Passion, a sense of tradition and a feel for trends is shared equally by all staff.
How we can serve our customers. 
Innovative prowess and creativity invested in every detail; services and solutions tailored to our customers; a cosmopolitan outlook and a product portfolio that wins customers over again and again with compelling designs and superior handling. But most of all: a fair and constructive relationship.
Be it traditional or nouvelle cuisine, mid-range or high-end catering, we always provide our customers with all of our knowledge and all of our passion, and ask ourselves today what we can do for them tomorrow.
Service that lives up to our promise - quality Made in Germany.
Bauscher products use only the world’s second hardest material after diamonds. Its ability to withstand the rigors of catering makes it perfect for professional applications.
First class raw materials, perfectly processed.
To this end, Bauscher works exclusively with premium raw materials - kaolin, quartz, and feldspar in a very special mix - at a location that is equally first rate: at Weiden in one of the world’s most modern plants worldwide. The result is premium grade porcelain Made in Germany. The unsurpassed quality and incomparable look and feel of this porcelain makes it the ingenious solution that our sophisticated customers seek.
Permanent quality assurance system.
We have put in place a permanent quality assurance system to continuously monitor everything from incoming raw materials to outgoing chinaware. Well-trained specialists with a passion for porcelain keep a close watch on every step of the production process to prevent manufacturing defects. They recheck each dish after every firing. That means no item with anything less than one hundred percent quality leaves Weiden - up to 26 million items a year.Bauscher chinaware lives up to the most rigorous requirements for premium professional tableware. Its durability yields lasting value and returns for many years to come.
Rewarded quality.
All this brought in many awards, but the decisive mark of distinction is our own Bauscher quality stamp on the underside of every item of porcelain that has passed our stringent quality inspections.
It is impossible to imagine the global catering industry of today without Bauscher.
With the foundation of their first branch in New York City in 1895, August and Conrad Bauscher started very early to conquer the world with their idea.
Today, Bauscher has distributors in more than 50 countries and the company exports about half of its output to more than 120 countries. Up to 120,000 items leave Weiden on any given day for destinations around the globe.
This success speaks for itself, and Bauscher is indeed the world market leader.
But our customers’ confidence in us over the years pays us an even greater compliment - whether from classic Café Sacher in Vienna or Dubai’s stunning Burj Al Arab luxury hotel. Often, based on years of close cooperation, something more than a trustful relationship has grown: an inspiring friendship.
Striking individuality - tailored to your ideas
With high-quality porcelain an establishment presents not only the kitchen’s finesse to the guest, but also an important part of its personality.
The significance of an individual décor is impossible to overestimate. It raises recognition value in the competitive hotel and gastronomy industries. It treats the guest to a coherent overall impression and demonstrates that quality is a top priority for the host.
Almost unlimited options.  
Our customers may choose from more than 25,000 décor variations. Or they have their own individual décor created, based on their unique ideas or corporate designs. Our highly qualified décor studio provides tailored solutions for every wish - fine vignettes, classic logos or word marks as well as elaborate pattern, elegant colors, vivid patterns and decorations on rims and mirrors.
The Bauscher décor studio offers the most diverse color and font options to customers seeking a tailored look. Countless brilliant colors and typefaces await - inspired design ideas are all it takes to bring them to life. Of course, we are also happy to use our customers’ proprietary typefaces and color definitions. Our Atelier can accommodate almost every wish. Working with state-of-the-art technology, we apply all our skills and enthusiasm to create décors that inspire our customers and their guests.
Also available in small quantities. 
And individuality at Bauscher does not begin with an order for a thousand pieces as we execute smaller orders as well.
We remain at the customer’s side throughout the production process, sharing our experience and creativity from the first draft to final delivery.
As individual as enduring. 
Durability is not a concern with high-quality Bauscher décor. It will neither fade nor is it susceptible to damage. Fired at extremely high temperatures, our colors amalgamate with the glaze to create surfaces that lose none of their gorgeous luster, even after more than a thousand dishwashing cycles.

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